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Across the successive stages of High School, we empower Students to make Clear Decisions & choose their Next Steps



CogitoHub is a specialised Assessment & Talent Management Company working in the Education Sector. We use Predictive Analytics, Advanced Algorithms & Machine Learning to create contextual outcomes for Students & Educators. We envision a world where they are empowered to realise their true potential and make decisions that are right for them. Simply put, we help Students & Educators perform better.

CogitoHub's Student & EduTalent Programmes have been adopted by 35,000+ Students & 1100+ Educators across India. Our team is growing rapidly and over the years has continued to be the best talent in the industry with a strong Advisory Board who have been instrumental in helping us take our programmes to greater heights. 

In 2015, India Today Magazine recognized CogitoHub as one of the Top 5 Recruiters at Delhi University, along with stalwarts such as Morgan Stanley, American Express, McKinsey & Deutsche Bank.


According to recent statistics, approximately 64% of students today choose a career that does not fit with their academic strengths, orientations and interests, leaving them feeling out of place and misaligned with the external world. To address these concerns and to help them with their decision making CogitoHub created the Student Programme.


CogitoHub’s Student Program empowers Students across Grades 8th–12th to decide their 'Next Steps' on Subjects, Careers, Courses & Colleges. Our ‘Online Assessment Platform’ is supported with validated tools that assess Students to accurately predict these Next Steps, based on their Behaviours, Abilities, Motivations & Interests.

To understand the uniqueness of every student, CogitoHub has identified four primary profiles– Innovator, Builder, Communicator and Enabler. The qualities of all four profiles are inherent in every student in different proportions. This is represented by the unique Student Code which defines the student’s traits and influences his/ her present behaviour and future aspirations.


Education is conventionally viewed as a subjective industry. A student’s academic achievement is the only indicator of an Educator’s performance and growth for Educators is purely perception driven. CogitoHub’s technology-enabled EduTalent Programme aims at helping them create clear roadmaps for career progression and bring transparency into the appraisal process.


CogitoHub’s EduTalent Program empowers Educators to recognise their ‘Potential’ by being assessed on Competencies and measure their ‘Performance’ by helping them create Goals. This is done using validated tools that are enabled through alignment workshops, and administered on a Technology enabled ‘Talent Management Platform’.

To enable educational institutions to meet their Goals, we help in identifying development areas through our unique philosophy. As mentors and guides to Students, Educators play a crucial role in their development. They play the roles of Creators, Nurturers and Enablers. The qualities of these three profiles are inherent in all Educators in different proportions and is represented by their unique EduTalent Code. This Code defines the Educators’ traits and who they are, outlining a definite developmental path.