Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CogitoHub helps you make the right choices about your subject combinations, courses, colleges and careers, thus providing clarity and validation on your career decisions. The report will give you directional and contextual outcomes based on your Personality, Aptitude, Motivations, Interests & Academic Performance.

The CogitoHub Tool has a 96% proven success rate from over 1,10,000 students that have been assessed pan India. However, it is vital that you take the assessment diligently for an accurate outcome to be generated.

You are not required to prepare for the assessment in advance. The Aptitude section assesses you on curriculum that you have already covered in school. The Personality, Motivations & Interests sections do not require any prior preparation.

The assessment you take depends on the outcome that you are looking for. Following are the assessments you can take up:
a. CogitoHub Test 2 (CHT2) - Students in Grades 8 & 9 – for Subject Stream Decisions
b. CogitoHub Test 3 (CHT3) - Students in Grades 10 – for Individual Subject Decisions
c. CogitoHub Test 4 (CHT4) - Students in Grades 11 & 12 – for Career, Course & College Decisions
d. CogitoHub Test 5 (CHT5) - University Students & Young Professionals - for Career Decisions

The assessment can be completed in 2 hours (approx.). The Aptitude Sections in CHT2 and CHT3 are timed. The remaining Sections in CHT2, 3, 4, 5 are not timed.

No, the assessment does not necessarily have to be completed in one sitting as your responses are auto-saved.
To resume the assessment, you can login to your account on, choose the test you were taking, and you will be directed to the question you were last attempting.

Following are the steps to take the assessment:
a) ‘Sign Up’ on with the required details
b) Confirm your email ID
c) Sign in on using the set credentials
d) Choose the relevant assessment and make the payment
e) Start the assessment

The assessment is usually taken once a year.

The report will be sent to you by email within 24 hours of completion of the assessment.

After the report is emailed, the counselling session will be scheduled through a telephonic conversation. An email will be shared with you regarding the details of the one-on-one counselling session. The session can be at the CogitoHub office

The one-on-one counselling session has a standardized duration of thirty minutes.

The counselling session involves discussing the outcomes of the assessment with the counsellor. The report gives the counsellor an insight into your Personality, Strengths and Interests which helps them interpret these elements for you and give you better guidance. Therefore, the counselling session is done only after the assessment has been taken.

You can take the assessment on your own by following these steps:
a) ‘Sign Up’ on with the required details
b) Confirm your email ID
c) Sign in on using the set credentials
d) Choose the relevant assessment and make the payment Start the assessment

The payment can only be made online through the website by Net Banking/Credit Card/ Debit Card. The payment gateway is verified and is safe for making payments.

For any difficulties/ queries, you can contact us at or call on +91- 7042130016